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Heart Attack Misdiagnosis in Portland, OR

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Heart disease is one of the leading causes of death in the United States, with nearly 5 million people visiting the emergency room each and every year with symptoms similar to those of a heart attack. However, there are many medical issues that mimic the symptoms of a heart attack, and some doctors may misdiagnose a patient’s condition and delay getting them the serious care that they need.

Many heart attack symptoms are commonly diagnosed as heartburn, pneumonia, or anxiety attacks, but there are any number of conditions a doctor may suggest. If left untreated, a patient is at a high risk of losing their life. This is unacceptable. Patients seeking serious medical care have the right to obtain this care without fear that their doctor may not be giving them the care they deserve.

Have you visited a Portland hospital and refused necessary treatment? Has your live been altered as a result? You are not alone during this difficult time! Attorney Patrick L. Block, a medical malpractice lawyer in Portland, has years of experience fighting for victims of medical negligence.

Was my heart attack misdiagnosed?

When a patient enters the emergency room for a medical concern, doctors and hospital staff owe it to them to carefully consider their condition. By speaking with a patient to determine their history, taking a physical exam, and taking tests, a medical professional should be able to diagnose the condition and provide the care needed by the patient.

Common reasons why a heart attack may be misdiagnosed are:

  • Patient seems too young to suffer a heart attack
  • Failure to consider women patients as heart attack sufferers
  • Improper reading of the ECG test
  • Failure to perform additional tests when ECG is normal
  • Patient seems too healthy

No matter what the reason for a misdiagnosis, the doctor working in the hospital has the responsibility to property assess a patient’s age, medical history, heart conditions, lifestyle, and other factors before suggesting that heart pain may not be a heart attack.

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If you or a loved one have suffered from a heart attack and have had a doctor misdiagnose your condition, you may be able to recover compensation for heart attack misdiagnosis. Your life is too valuable to lose, and doctors that do not fulfill their duty of care to their patients must be held liable when they put their patients on the line.

Our Portland medical malpractice attorney has won numerous award related to his legal service across Oregon and prides himself on providing top-tier representation to his clients. Taking on only a small number of cases ensures that Attorney Block gives each and every case his all, including recovering millions of dollars of behalf of his clients.

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