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Portland Emergency Room Malpractice Lawyer

Take Action Against Negligent ER Facilities in Oregon

If a serious medical emergency occurs, an individual is often instructed to go to the ER without delay. We rely on these facilities to provide efficient and competent medical response to our immediate and often serious needs. However, many local emergency rooms fail to keep up a level of care and treatment that is adequate. Whether due to understaffing, lack of funding to improve facilities, or downright negligence, a patient may end up with more medical complications after leaving the ER.

At The Law Offices of Patrick l. Block, P.C., we truly care about helping individuals recover the compensation and justice they deserve for injuries caused by malpractice. If you or a loved one has been mistreated in an ER in Portland, our dedicated Portland medical malpractice attorney is ready to fight for you.

Our counsel is backed by more than two decades of legal experience and millions of dollars recovered for past clients. You can be confident that we are more than prepared to assist with your case.

Common Emergency Room Errors

Most errors in the emergency room are caused by issues within the medical team. If an emergency room is understaffed, or staffed by doctors and nurses without adequate training or experience, they are not equipped to handle the high volumes and needs of emergency patients. Additionally, the staff of emergency rooms often work long, overwhelming shifts which can lead to fatigue. This can be a fatal combination.

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The ER is a fast paced environment, which requires its staff to be constantly alert, focused, and prepared to respond to anything. Only the most competent and experienced medical staff will be able to provide quality treatment and service to an ER's patients. Due to the nature of the facility, it is not uncommon for patients to be neglected, for treatment to be rushed, and for mistakes to be made. When these oversights put a patient's health, well-being, or life at stake, our team is prepared to take action.

We can represent clients suffering from ER negligence, such as:

  • Incorrect medication or anesthesia
  • Delayed treatment or diagnosis
  • Inaccurate lab testing
  • Failure to review patient charts
  • Lack of monitoring
  • Unsanitary conditions
  • Lack of training for staff
  • Surgical or treatment error

Proving Liability in an ER Malpractice Claim

Emergency rooms are subject to the same rules of liability as a hospital, which means that any act of negligence on the part of a doctor or nurse is grounds for a malpractice claim. In order to prove that a doctor or a nurse at an ER facility was negligent, we will call upon medical experts and witnesses to analyze their decisions and actions.

If it is determined that a doctor or nurse did not act according to the standards and protocols of a competent medical professional, you deserve to be compensated for the damages he or she caused. Most doctors and nurses are independent contractors, which means that liability lies solely with them for their acts of negligence, not with the hospital itself. However, this typically does not apply to emergency rooms, as patients are not intentionally visiting a specific practitioner, but a general medical facility.

An emergency room is liable under the following scenarios:

  • Refusing to treat a patient who is unable to pay
  • Failure to notify the patient that attending physicians are non-employers
  • Keeping a clearly incompetent doctor or nurse on staff

Our medical malpractice attorneys will not stand for negligence in emergency rooms in Oregon. We believe that all doctors and nurses should be held to a high standard of professionalism and competence, especially in an ER facility. Furthermore, if an emergency room's negligence resulted in the wrongful death of a patient, not only will we pursue compensation for the victim's family, but we will seek to have the facility's rules and protocols changed to prevent future tragedies.

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When emergency room staff or doctors fail to provide the proper level of care to a patient in an urgent situation, it can mean the difference between life or death, recovery or permanent disability. If you or a loved one has suffered due to emergency room negligence and malpractice in Oregon, you need to contact our firm right away. Our Portland medical malpractice lawyer can carefully review the details of your case and help you hold any responsible parties accountable for their actions.

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