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Cancer Misdiagnosis Attorney in Portland, OR

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If you have just found out that you have cancer after being led in a different direction by your doctor, it can be a very confusing and frustrating time. You may feel as if you have no options and have no way to bring justice to your situation. However, The Law Offices of Patrick L. Block, P.C. is here to stand beside you and help you pursue fair compensation for your undue emotional and physical pain and suffering.

Failing to diagnose cancer early on can mean the difference between a healthy life and one plagued by a difficult battle. That is why it is so crucial that a doctor be on high alert when a person shows signs of potentially having cancer. Sadly, many doctors or specialists fail to provide proper care to patients, leaving them in the dark about their condition due to their own negligence. Let our Portland medical malpractice attorney use his 20+ years of legal experience to fight for the justice and restitution you deserve!

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Identifying the Signs and Symptoms of Cancer

Medical professionals go through years of extensive theoretical and practical training to ensure that they understand the standard protocol of diagnosing and treating cancer patients. All doctors should be cognizant of the warning signs of a cancerous growth or tumor so that they can take immediate action. Early detection and treatment is essential to ensuring that cancer patients have the best chance at making a full and speedy recovery. Any delay or failure to diagnose can be detrimental to the quality of a patient's life.

Doctors should take note and caution of the following warning signs:

  • Unusual lumps in the body
  • Abnormal discharge or bleeding
  • Persistent coughs and hoarseness
  • Bowel or bladder inconsistencies
  • Changes to a wart, mole, or sore
  • Sores that won't heal
  • Digestion and swallowing difficulties

While these symptoms are not always warnings of cancer, it is important that a doctor take necessary measures to test and analyze in order to make the proper diagnosis. Furthermore, a doctor may misinterpret these signs as cancerous, which cause a patient undue stress and anxiety. Additionally, a doctor may move forward with radiation and other treatments that can cause harm to a healthy patient.

What leads to a cancer misdiagnosis?

While it may seem like doctors should be able to easily identify and address the issue of cancer, it is not always the case. Many medical professionals fail to notice the signs, such as tumor, or simply mishandled lab results. Unfortunately, this can lead to a much more difficult cancer battle, even resulting in death.

The following can lead to a delayed or misdiagnosis of cancer:

  • Misinterpreting test results
  • Malfunctioning equipment
  • Failure to identify a tumor
  • Failure to include a specialist
  • Incorrectly performed test or procedure
  • Lost or delayed lab results
  • Incorrect or misread x-rays

Our team will work to pin point which medical care provider is likely responsible for your misdiagnosis. We may need to take legal action against your primary care physician, radiologist, or even your dermatologist for failing to provide proper care. You can rest assured that when you come to us, we will work to locate the negligent party and hold them accountable for their medical malpractice.

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At The Law Offices of Patrick L. Block, P.C., we are dedicated to holding medical professionals accountable for failing to live up to the standard of care. Our doctors and oncologists should exercise extreme caution and care, and remain constantly vigilant for signs that a patient's health may be in danger. We trust practitioners with our lives, and when that trust is violated, they should be held responsible.

If you have lost a loved one due to a cancer misdiagnosis, our team of legal professionals won't stop at helping you seek the compensation that your family deserves. We will fight for change; as part of a settlement, we'll request that the hospital or doctor adopt and implement policies and trainings to prevent another wrongful death. We are proud to be advocates for people filing medical malpractice claims in Portland, Oregon, and are ready to fight for you.

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