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Spinal Cord Injuries Attorney in Oregon

Our Portland Birth Injury Attorney Can Help You Seek Justice

An injury to the spinal cord can cause serious devastation to the lives of the child and the child’s family. While complications may arise during a birth, it is the responsibility of doctors, nurses, and the hospital to anticipate these issues and take the proper steps to resolve them before they become a problem. In some instances, it is the fault of these medical professionals that an infant suffers from a spinal cord injury and paralysis as a result. If a spinal cord injury was the result of the doctor, nurse, or hospital during the birthing process, you may be entitled to recover financial compensation.

The Portland birth injury lawyer at The Law Offices of Patrick L. Block, P.C. has dedicated his career to fighting for those that have been injured at the hands of those they should have been receiving care from. With over 20 years of experience, you can trust that you have a tireless and confident advocate by your side.

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What causes spinal cord injuries during birth?

Spinal cord and brain injuries are some of the most common kind of birth injury. A doctor must take care every step of the delivery process to ensure that their actions do not result in harm to the baby. In addition, it is the responsibility of a medical professional to monitor the mother throughout her pregnancy to reduce the chances of injury to the baby.

Examples of causes for this injury are:

  • Improper use of forceps to extract the baby
  • Failure to prescribe folic acid supplements
  • Failure to treat or control diabetes or obesity
  • Failure to prevent the use of certain medications
  • Improper preparation for a larger-sized baby
  • Delaying the C-section process when medically necessary

A spinal cord injury obtained during birth can cause a lifetime of issues for the child. Not only will medical care be necessary, but the child may additionally need rehabilitation, assistive devices, and permanent care. This should not fall on your shoulders! When a birth injury was cause by a doctor’s negligence, they should be held accountable for their actions.

Let a Portland Lawyer Advocate For You

Attorney Block believes that it is unacceptable for those that are supposed to help to cause harm to others. Doctors and hospitals need to be held to the highest standards when it comes to providing care, and must similarly be held responsible when their actions result in harm to another. In fact, our law firm solely caters to medical malpractice, meaning that these are the only cases we take on.

No child should suffer from a preventable birth injury. When you work with Portland Attorney Patrick Block, you can be confident that your case is in good hands. Our medical malpractice lawyer works with medical experts on your behalf, ensuring that you recover the compensation that you deserve. Even further, we recover no money for you unless we win on your behalf, making The Law Offices of Patrick L. Block, P.C. the right choice.

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