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Infant Brain Injury Attorney in Portland

Our Oregon Birth Injury Lawyer is Here for Your Family

Giving birth can be traumatic for a baby. If a negligent medical professional is involved, it may even life-changing. An infant must leave the body of the mother and enter into the world, whether through the birth canal or by Cesarean section. With so much happening, a baby may suffer an infant brain injury if the doctor involved in the birth does not pay close attention to everything that is happening at this time.

Infants are powerless to prevent anything that is happening to them during the birthing process, making it even more terrible that a doctor would do anything to threaten their safe entry into the world. Portland birth injury attorney Patrick Block has devoted his career to medical malpractice and preventing doctors from making the dire mistakes that result in serious birth injuries. He has been recognized as a Top 10 Attorney by the National Academy of Personal Injury Attorneys as a result of his numerous efforts to help victims.

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Has your infant been injured by a doctor?

During pregnancy, doctors should be aware of any problems and issues that can arise, such as the presence of infections, genetic concerns, or the chance of birth injury during delivery. Brain damage that occurs during this time is irreversible, meaning that the child will suffer from this injury for their entire lives.

An infant that has suffered from an irreversible brain trauma may need:

  • Therapy
  • Medical equipment
  • Counseling
  • Rehabilitation
  • Emotional support
  • Attendant care

You and your family should not have to shoulder the burden of a doctor’s mistake. When your infant has suffered, you have the right to hold doctors accountable and protect the interests of your baby. When you work with Attorney Block, you have over 20 years of aggressive legal experience on your side from an attorney that fights back against a variety of medical malpractice cases in Portland.

Award-Winning Portland Attorney Is Here For You

A birth injury in Oregon needs the help of an experienced medical malpractice attorney in Portland. We work with experts to determine exactly what went wrong during a birth and what the doctor could have done to prevent it, hold the hospitals and doctors responsible for this injury, and recover compensation aimed at ensuring your infant is covered for their medical treatments.

Having a baby should be nothing less than the most joyous experience of your life and it should not be marred by the irresponsibility of a doctor. Schedule a free consultation with our medical malpractice lawyer to learn about your options and how you can recover necessary damages from the medical professional that harmed you.